Flautist Running Out of Ideas While Recording Soothing Massage Music

Corbin, KY - During the recording for "Essence of Bliss, Volume 4" Flautist Amy Rothenberg started to run out of ideas. She was having trouble differentiating each of the songs, because they weren't different.

"Each track is an extension of the last one," the producers told Egobaby. "We put weights on the synthesizer keys and let the waves of sound roll for hours. Then we get the flute to play what the wind whispers while we mash miso paste with our feet."

After extending two notes for an hour over a synthesizer sound that made her have to pee, Rothenberg told the producers, "Wow, didn't think I was going to get through it but I hope that came out well."

From the control room, the producers told her, "That was great. We have nine more tracks to go. We're ordering from the vegan place down the street, what kind of seitan do you want?"