Vegan Soy-Filled Man Tells Wife, "Sometimes I Just Need You To Listen & Not Come Up With Solutions."

Elsmere, DE - Vegetarian Ralph Nabarro has so much estrogen in his body he told his wife in the midst of a heated argument, "Sometimes I just need you to listen and not come up with solutions."

The statement took him by surprise. It's something his wife has been saying to him for years. Nabarro went to the refrigerator to throw the rest of the tofu in the garbage, but his wife, Susan pleaded with him to stop. Lacking the necessary testosterone to battle with her, he collapsed on the kitchen floor in an emotional heap.

"I have so much estrogen in my body I don't know what I'm saying anymore. I even found myself growing excited when Jeffrey Dean Morgan came onto the screen while watching The Good Wife. Also, I've been watching The Good Wife."

Nabarro has since switched to tempeh and seitan.