Man Discovers the Space Between Thoughts, Finds Car Keys

Ankeny, IA - Derrick Littleman had a spiritual awakening last Thursday when he not only found the space between thoughts, but also discovered that's where he left his car keys.

How his keys managed to end up in a virtual non-linear location where time and space doesn't exist is beyond him. He's just happy he gets to drive again. Littleman says that everyday he's finding more things in the space between thoughts that he considered lost for good.

"I found an old bagel I never finished eating. I found the cat from my childhood we thought ran away. It was dead, but I still found it. I found my wedding ring! Albeit a few years too late, given my divorce and that losing the ring was the nail in the coffin for the divorce, but now I can call my ex Kathy and say, 'See???'"