Devotee Cleans Guru's Toilet, Thinking It's a Teaching; Turns Out, Just a Really Really Nice Gift

Arkadelphia, AR - A student of a spiritual guru who wished to remain anonymous was under the impression that doing service for your guru is a teaching in and of itself.

While the student is normally right, in this particular instance there wasn't a teaching involved, he was just being really really nice by cleaning a man's shit-caked and urine-stained toilet.

"Um, I was under the impression that you learn devotion by giving yourself fully to your guru. I thought there would be some clearly felt blessings, but the only blessing bestowed on me was Hepatitis C," said the student.

"I never asked him to clean my toilet," said the student's guru. "Don't get me wrong, I was happy to know someone was doing it, I didn't want to do it myself, but I never outright said 'clean my toilet and you will be enlightened.' I may have hinted at it, but still, I didn't single him out. [RE: Hep C] He happens to have a very weak immune system."