Spiritual Husband Aggravates Marital Fight By Telling Wife To Remember To Breathe

Mishawaka, IN - Husband and wife Ron and Tammy Kipman were in the heat of an intense argument when Ron handed his wife, Tammy, a note that said "Remember to breathe."

"I'm trying to tell you how I'm feeling and you're telling me to breathe?!" Tammy reportedly screamed back at him. "I don't give a fuck about breathing right now!"

Ron was insulted that she didn't give a fuck about breathing. As a yoga instructor, breathing is a cornerstone of his life and practice. It was hard for him to hear. "It's so important to remember to breathe," said Ron, "And I just felt that Tammy wasn't concentrating on her breath. I was concerned for her chakras. To be honest, I still am."

Tammy is reportedly having serious doubts about their relationship as this isn't the first time he's gotten on his spiritual high horse during an argument. "Last month, I was very upset with him because he never plans anything for us to do," said Tammy. "He told me he was sorry that I perceived him as an obstacle to my happiness."