Vegan Cooking Instructor Tells Class It's Actually Pronounced "V'Jahn"

Rock Hill, SC - Students of a local vegan cooking class were surprised to learn that the actual pronunciation of "vegan" is pronounced "v'jahn." The instructor wanted to make that known before they went any further as he was quick to point out that there are many misunderstandings about the vegan lifestyle and this was but one of them.

"It always blows my mind how many people don't know that the g is soft," said instructor Adam Tuttlebaum. "Technically, you could say 'veejuhn' and that would be acceptable but if you want to be perfect then it would be 'v'jahn.' I want my students to start from the beginning when they entire my class so I teach the original way."

"Believe me, I'm aware 'v'jahn' sounds snobbish but that's only because we live in a country of racist, homophobic, heathen carnivore pieces of shit who don't give a rat's ass about anyone but their taxes and a bible they don't understand. That's the only reason it sounds snobbish," said Tuttlebaum, before resuming his class on how to cook a proper lentil loaf.