Woman Goes Deep Within Herself, Can't Find Way Out

Northville, MI - Cheryl Nordberg has been on the spiritual path for some time and has continually looked within for answers to guide her. Last Tuesday, desiring more guidance than ever, she went deep within herself and she has been there ever since.

"It's a tad frightening," said friend Chad Olsen. "Her eyes are rolled back, her stomach is distended, and I can faintly hear a voice from inside her body calling out 'I'm in here! I'm in here!' I was late for my therapy appointment so I couldn't help her. Frankly, it's kind of typical Cheryl."

"Cheryl's always telling everyone to go deep within themselves whenever we have a problem," said her friend, Mandy. "I've always been like 'Cheryl, sometimes I need to talk it out and she'll hush me and say, 'No, go deep within.' Well, she got a taste of her own medicine."

It's apparently not helping matters that Nordberg has a parrot who keeps repeating, "I'm in here!" every time it hears Cheryl's faint inner cry of "I'm in here!"