Terrible Woman Forgives Herself Daily

Bemidji, MN - Lauri Jacoby is a renowned terrible person in her hometown. She is reportedly condescending, thin-skinned, forever embroiled in social and familial conflict, has extreme road rage, is rude to wait staff and customer service, but more importantly she's learned over the years that you have to forgive yourself and move on.

"Yes, I find myself screaming at children, kicking birds, and getting offended left and right by things people do and say," Jacoby told Egobaby, "but I also believe that mental health is very important so every night I forgive myself and then I begin the next day with a fresh batch of rage."

Jacoby's forgiveness unfortunately doesn't extend much further than her own behavior. "I'm working on myself right now and it's important everyone works on their self too. I can't be the only one practicing forgiveness, but I wouldn't be surprised. Once again, I have to do everything."