Man's Plant-Based Bowel Movement So Powerful He Starts Nonviolent Protest

Pottstown, PA - Gerard Fackelman's bowel movements have been spreading a warm bliss throughout his body for the last few weeks. About ten minutes after leaving the bathroom he is filled with an inner peace never known before.

Inspired by this deep confidence rooted in his soul he found himself coalescing a nonviolent protest against a local rice pudding shop that uses overly thick plastic bowls and cups and then throws them out afterwards.

"There is an inner warmth that has spread its wings from my anus to my heart and it has led me to sit in silent protest in front of Rice Try who is using very thick plastic bowls to serve their rice pudding," Fackelman told Egobaby.

"They are so thick they are actual bowls you would buy. It is practically the same as serving them in porcelain bowls and then throwing those out, that's how thick these bowls are. They are real bowls, not just some flimsy throwaway bowl. They're extremely thick."

Fackelman has been sitting outside Rice Try for three days with a sign that says, "These bowls are way too thick to throw away." He says he feels no anger, just a calm resolve that is refueled with each day's bowel movement.