New Buddhist Copy Machine Flashes "Form Is Emptiness" Error Message When Out Of Paper

Bremerton, WA - A new copy machine designed by Buddhists tells you "form is emptiness" when it is out of paper. It has a double intention of alerting you that you need to put more paper in the machine and also that the nature of all things is emptiness.

The company has been receiving terrible consumer reviews, however, as some consumers were unaware they were buying a Buddhist copy machine. When these uninformed consumers read the "form is emptiness" message they ended up staring at the machine for hours trying to decipher the meaning.

"It's been terrible for office productivity," said one office manager who didn't realize he was buying a Buddhist copy machine. "I find employees staring into space for god knows how long with the paper drawer open. I don't care if the universe is empty cognizant space, we still have to meet our projected quarterly goals."