Organic Pig Farmer Weary Of Slitting Pig Throats

Skillman, NJ - Roger Swales misses the assembly line slaughtering style of industrial pig farms as all of the slaughtering on his organic pig farm falls on his head, so to speak.

"To be honest, it's a lot of throats," said Swales. "I wouldn't mind someone else taking the wheel for awhile. Excuse me for one second," Swales said as he deftly slit a pig's throat that was standing nearby. "That's my twelfth today. And I have thirty more to go. What's that expression - 'how many pig throats does a man have to cut before he sets himself free?'"

We told him we hadn't heard of the expression, but we did mention the law of karma to Swales, that with murder comes a high karmic price to repay.

Swales said (while slitting a pig's throat), "Well, that's just great. Nobody tells you that slitting pigs all day might be spiritually irresponsible. They just hand you a sickle and show you where to throw the heads."