Hell Eagerly Awaits Trump's Return

Hell, Samsara - The beings of the hell realm, Mahāraurava, known as the "great screaming" Naraka (a Buddhist term for a hell realm) are anxiously awaiting the return of their good friend, Donald J. Trump. They have missed him terribly since he was last there in his former one thousand lives.

The punishment in the Mahāraurava realm is to have your flesh eaten by animals known as rurus over and over again. Rurus loved feasting on Trump's flesh during his previous stay. It has an arrogant-infused saltiness they love to devour.

Mahāraurava is known as a "great screaming" Naraka because the beings run wildly about, looking for refuge from the burning ground. When they find shelter, they are locked inside it as it blazes around them, while they scream inside.

"Trump was always the best screamer," said one hell being, "he screamed the loudest and that pleased the hell demon lords that enslave you."