Late Sting Album Brings Post-Menopausal Woman To Orgasm

White Bear Lake, MN - Debra Kaden figured her best orgasms were in the past. It thus came as quite a shock when she found herself - seemingly by divine intervention - orgasming to Sting's 2003 album, Songs of Love (Victoria's Secret Exclusive), without being touched.

Kaden was cooking a brown rice tamari-infused stir-fry when the song, I Burn For You, came on. Sting's middle-aged musicality entered into a dance with Kaden's post-menopausal sexuality and waves of sexual bliss started pulsating through her being. When it was all over, she came to on the kitchen floor, tamari everywhere.

"Not quite sure what happened," Kaden told Egobaby, "but it happens every time I put on Songs of Love. I appreciate the way Sting has cooled down over the years. And apparently so does my vagina."