Shaman Insists To Wife Their Child Learn Tungusic Evenki Instead Of Spanish

Golden, CO - A shaman who goes by the name Nasaru got into a heated discussion with his non-shamanic wife, Janet, over which second language their child should learn.

Janet felt Spanish was the obvious choice but Nasaru insisted the child of a shaman should learn the North Asian language, Tungusic Evenki, from which the word 'shaman' originated. Tungusic Evenki is only spoken by Evenks in Russia, and China.

"My child will learn the language that gave the name 'Shaman' to the world or he will learn no language at all, even English, which I will take from his soul if need be," Nasaru told Egobaby.

"Just seems to make sense for him to learn Spanish," Janet told Egobaby. "Even Nasaru doesn't speak Tungusic Evenki so he won't even be able to practice it with anyone."

The family is traveling to Mongolia later this year to enroll the child in school in the Onon–Argun basin, Transbaikalia.