Introverted Extrovert Is Also A Narcoleptic Insomniac

Boulder, CO - Introverted Extrovert, Craig Rainey, has recently opened up about his new struggle: he is a Narcoleptic Insomniac.

“At first, I thought the narcolepsy was just my body’s way of shutting down at human interaction," said Rainey. "At least, that's what I was hoping.”

Rainey's inability to ever sleep led him to get a job as a club DJ at Cloud 10. Dave Reagan, who owns Cloud 10, is appreciative of Rainey's work ethic. “He goes all night and never even picks his head up from the turn tables,” Reagan says. “People try to make requests all the time, but he normally just says 'Oh, neat' or 'Yea, for sure.'"

“It would be easier if my narcolepsy didn’t kick in when I was feeling social," said Rainey. "I slept through a first date with my eyes open. She thought I was a good listener until she went in to kiss me across the table and I coughed in her mouth." Rainey admitted he was embarrassed, but also proud of himself for maintaining eye contact so long.

They later went dancing, where he fell asleep on the dance floor, and chose to stay on the floor once awake again because he wasn't feeling up for mingling. He was reportedly only half awake during sex later at his apartment, and only half-present emotionally while awake.

Rainey says his main goal for the future is balance.

Written by Casey Kuftic.