Man Lets Go Of Attachment To Outcomes, Loses Interest In Life

Elko, NV - Jeremy Krakauer has been practicing detachment since he became Buddhist ten years ago. As of last Thursday he has officially let go of attachment to all outcomes. He has also lost complete interest in all aspects of life.

"Without that attachment, that simple starting point, I see no reason to begin anything," said Krakauer, "whether it be a friendship, a cup of coffee, eating a meal, taking a shower, watching TV, or putting my pants on. Actually, forget about putting them on, why even make pants to begin with?"

Krakauer has been sitting naked at the side of his bed for nearly a week now, trying to figure out if there's anything he sees as a worthwhile pursuit.

When his girlfriend of two years asked him where he wanted to go for brunch early Thursday morning, he told her she should choose and that he wouldn't be eating anyway, or joining her, and he also wasn't identifying as a sexual being or a boyfriend and possibly even a man. That was the last straw for her, as he had never been one to choose a restaurant or plan anything to begin with.

Krakauer says he isn't excited for the future or the past. "I guess one upside is I no longer have any guilt over not finishing my novel. That's a load off."