Science Says To 'Just Relax' If You Want To Feel Better

We all have those times in our lives when we feel stressed out, anxious, worried, and panicky.

Maybe our job responsibilities become too much to deal with, or family life runs us ragged. It can be a full time job just living in this modern-day existence!

Which is why we need to have a way to decompress at the end of the day before we burn out completely and have to move to the woods to avoid going on a second killing spree; I mean, first.

If you want to know the secret to dealing with stress and anxiety, it's very simple:


It helps to have someone in your life who you trust that can tell you to just relax when you express how stressed out you feel.

Research studies show that nothing feels better than to be told to "just relax" when you share your concerns with someone. Scientists discovered with electrodes that it shows the person has really heard and understood your plight.

The art of relaxation is actually where science and spirituality meet. Spiritual teachers have been touting the art of relaxation as a way to quell anxiety and fear for centuries.

It's a super easy one step process backed by science. Here's how it works:

Feel a real life panic attack coming on? Just relax!

Feel overloaded and stressed out by your list of responsibilities? Just relax!

Death in the family? Just relax!

Diagnosed with a terminal illness? Relax already!

Depressed about your station in life? Relax!

So, no need to run to pharmaceuticals or therapy - save your money! When you want to feel better, all you have to do is JUST RELAX.