Casper The Hungry Ghost: A Buddhist Remake Of A Cartoon Classic

Hollywood, CA - Paramount Studios is proud to announce that they are updating their classic cartoon series for a new, international audience.

Casper the Friendly Ghost is now Casper the Hungry Ghost, a loveable (and accurate) reflection of traditional Buddhist mythology.

Before, Casper was a spunky and kind-hearted New York kid who brought joy and laughter to all the living children he met. Now, he's a spirit who dies violently and is subsequently reborn as a miserable wraith after his family stops venerating his grave. He is only visible at night, where humans can see him rifling through garbage and human waste.

Before, Casper was a big-headed, smiling figure who floated around with his best friend Wendy the Witch. Now, he’s a constantly moaning ghoul with a bloated stomach and a neck as thin as a needle. He’s also been updated to CG.

Critics are raving about the new cartoon series. The New York Times calls it “tacky and culturally insensitive.” The Chicago Tribune gushes, “This is the most unfortunate update I’ve ever seen. Who possibly thought this was a good idea?” And Variety proudly dubs it “off-putting” and “badly animated.”

Casper the Hungry Ghost will make his big screen debut this summer with the animated short, “Casper’s Escape from Hell,” which will accompany Boss Baby 2.

Written by Evan Purcell.