AMAZING! This Man Used ONLY Natural Remedies To Kill Himself

When Gary Jobson decided to end his life he knew two things:

1. There was no healing himself

2. Holistic healing was the way to heal himself, and by “heal himself” he meant “kill himself.”

A longtime foe of pharmaceutical companies he did not want to give them the satisfaction of ending his life.

Jobson saw chemicals everywhere in society: in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the exhaust from the cars we drive, the cleaning products we drink. He knew that to end it all he wanted a balanced, organic method for spiritual harmony and ultimate demise.

Jobson was well aware of the power of ancestral medicines and natural ingredients!

Using only a combination of highly concentrated tinctures and teas made of everyday plants, he was able to accomplish the same results people get with modern chemicals like bleach and cyanide. Always a fan of the circle of life he donated his fresh feces to a local farmer.

In his suicide note, Jobson wrote:

We have been conditioned by society to believe that the only way we can achieve

ultimate inner peace is by ingesting the corporation’s synthesized chemicals;

These “concoctions” made by “scientists” with “degrees” in their

“respective fields of study” with “warning labels” that “discourage human consumption.”

Among other things, he will be remembered for his love of enclosing phrases in quotations.

He went on to say:

I am choosing to end my life because I see no reason for living,

but I urge the living to recycle and use coconut oil-based deodorant.

Jobson’s body was found coated in miso paste and wrapped in Nori within his sustainable home in the woods. He is survived by his lentil loaf and echinacea collection, as well as his wife and three children.

Written by Kevin Hufe.