My 102-Year-Old Grandmother Is Really Good At Meditation

My grandmother Thelma just turned 102, and boy is she good at meditation.

I’m really jealous. I’ve been to six different meditation retreats throughout Southern California, and it’s always been very difficult for me. I have trouble calming myself, getting comfortable, and allowing my brain to banish all my constant, worried thoughts.

Eventually, I can get into a genuine state of peace and reflection, but it sure takes a while.

Grandma Thelma, though… she can meditate anywhere. It doesn’t matter if we’re driving to church, or in the middle of a bustling IHOP, or even sitting at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. She can just roll her head back and start meditating.

It’s a real skill. She doesn’t even have to get into a comfortable position. She doesn’t even need to cross her legs. She just loosens her body and allows her head to flop backwards. I try to ask what her secret is, but she won’t tell me. She’ll just shout, “What? Eh?” really loudly, which clearly shows that she doesn’t want to answer my question.

Perhaps she knows that one day, I too will be able to meditate as easily as she does. See? She’s doing it right now. She’s sitting on the living room sofa with her head lolled to the side, and she’s not moving a single muscle. It’s simply amazing how she can… Oh wait. Never mind. She’s dead.

Guess I'm the better meditator after all, Grandma.

Written by Evan Purcell.