Eat These 3 Foods To Believe In Yourself

We spend so much money on sub/dom torture sessions and Tony Robbins 5-day workshops to gain self-confidence but we never look to the food we're eating!

It's hard to believe in yourself when you have two weeks of burritos piling up in your stomach from constipation (and even harder when it blows out your anus).

Here are three foods proven to increase your self-confidence and put you on the road to success:

1. Wolf Meat - Ever seen the self-assuredness of a wolf? Those eyes, those hunting skills. Show us a wolf who says, "I don't know if I'm up for the hunt tonight" and we'll show you a liar wearing a wolf mask. It's basically part of the Mediterranean diet, more or less.

2. Placenta - We were just going to suggest eating it because it's sexy but a 2012 study showed that eating placenta could increase your tolerance for pain. Now you can show your dominatrix who's boss (she is). It's basic math really: if you eat one placenta a day then by the end of the week you have the added strength of seven babies!

3. The Eyes of a Genius - Hard to come by but if you can keep track of the IQs of the recently deceased who agreed to donate their body parts to science then we recommend bidding for the eyes of dead Mensa members. You gain some percentage of their perception, the way they saw the world. Imagine seeing more than you see now!

Start believing in yourself today!