How To Find Time To Live In The Moment

We know that living in the past or future creates suffering but when do any of us have time to live in the present?

You're going to be living in the moment when you're scanning the bananas in Whole Foods? Guess someone else will have to rescue the lady getting manhandled in the potatoes section right behind you. Why is she getting manhandled? Because that's what happens when you're so focused on living in the moment.

You're going to live in the moment when you're dropping your kids off at school? Hope you're feeling peaceful when your car careens into the playground, killing all of the babies. Why will this happen? Because you chose the moment over a child's life.

Unfortunately you can't just live in the moment any time you want. It's irresponsible. You have to make time for the moment. You have to take a moment for a moment.

Here are some times when it's easier to live in the moment:

1. When you're in a dressing room waiting for someone to bring you another size in a pair of pants you're interested in. You're sitting in your underwear, playing with your bellybutton, hoping these pants solve your problems. Take a moment.

2. While you're waiting for your car at the car wash. You're sitting in one of those plastic chairs wishing you were the one getting brushed and sprayed because you're so filthy inside and out. Take a moment.

3. While you're waiting for the nurses to wheel out your relative to you in a hospital. You've already told the desk you're here to pick someone up, they've gone to get said person, now you're just standing there, wondering when you're going to die. Take a moment.

4. While you're waiting for your latte. The baristas have a lot of lattes to make and you're somewhere in there but you don't know where. While you're realizing that you ultimately don't care if you ever get the latte because you are in essence a latte...take a moment.

5. When you're staring at a corpse during a funeral. You're one of many in a line to say your goodbye to a deceased friend or relative. Everyone is assuming you're thinking about the times you shared with the deceased. You don't have to, they're not thinking of you. Take a moment.