How To Forgive People Who Don't Know How To Stand In Line

It should be easy enough. We all learn it in kindergarten, yet for some reason many of us still don't know how to properly stand in line. It's because of our ego.

But it's also because our ignorance, our stupidity, and need to be first, and our general lack of consideration and awareness for all those with whom we share the planet.

If you don't know the general rules of a line, here they are:

Stand behind the person that's in front of you.​

Since we can only control our own actions, responses, thoughts, and behaviors, these "people" leave us no choice but to practice understanding, compassion, and forgiveness (unfortunately).

Here are some tips for doing just that:

1. Recognize that being such a horrible person means they experience a lot of disgust thrown their way in life. That can't be great for them.

2. They will suffer more lifetimes of delusion than you. Their ignorance around the basic tenets of human etiquette put them at the bottom of the totem pole for realization. Take that to heart, and when we say "to heart" we mean "to the grave."

3. They don't know a goddamn thing about anything. At least you know how to stand in line, and you can say that in your head too when they're breaking line etiquette - "At least I know how to stand in a line, asshole." We added the "asshole," but you can use something that fits your personality. Have fun with it!

4. Their general lack of consideration for anyone else suggests failure on all levels. Their marriage probably stinks (if they were even able to convince someone to love them, which they probably weren't), they're probably terrible at their job, they basically don't excel at anything, that's why they feel the need to ruin everyone's experience on line.

Good luck!