How To Fulfill Your Potential When You're Dead

Many people like to use death as an excuse for not taking initiative. But this is simply an excuse, a reason not to pursue your goals.

Just because you're dead doesn't mean you can't be true to your spirit and fulfill your creative potential.

After all, consciousness continues onward after the body has expired and if that's the case then why can't your consciousness make that b2b website you've been meaning to make, or learn French, or find a soul partner?

Here are some tips to be true to yourself once you've died:

• Haunt those that you perceived as obstacles when you were alive. Maybe take a demon form and have them find you crouching in a high corner of their bedroom when they wake. As their lives deteriorate you can then...

• Create more obstacles for those that stood in your way by creating weather systems that prevent them from getting to work. You can tip their coffee onto their shirt. You can make sure their penis is soft or their vagina doesn't open during sexual encounters. Use your imagination!

• Compassionately manipulate the human realm to benefit the career and relationships you left behind. As a spirit you'll be able to subtly change people's minds and bend them to your will.

See? Not so hard.

If you want to find an excuse for not living up to your potential there will always be an excuse ready in the wings. Being dead is just another one. Don't let a little thing like death get in the way of maximizing your success!