How To Let Go (When You're the Problem)

Letting go is one of the hardest lessons in life. Four out of five spiritualists agree it is the reason we keep reincarnating. How do you let go of your family, friends, stuffed animals, your fear, your joy, your faith, the ledge you hang from for dear life outside of your office window? How do you do this?

Carefully, and yet with complete abandon at the same time.

It's important to let go of everything so that when you are about to die you have no attachment to anything in this world.

Wouldn't it be great if, on your deathbed, your loved ones said to you, "We're going to miss you, we love you so much" and you responded, "Wish I could say the same. I let go of you a long time ago"...?

Here's how you let go in 4 easy steps:

1. Live naked in an empty room. Throw out your clothes, furniture, appliances, everything, just dump it all into the ocean. Don't worry about the pollution - let go of that too. Wear the same thing every day until it withers away and you are left naked. Live the rest of your life naked in an empty room.

2. Tell everyone you know to never call you again. This will be confusing for your friends and family, even more so for the people with whom you work who depend on being able to call you for their livelihood. That's their problem. They have to learn to let go too. Think of yourself as their teacher.

3. Learn to steal and dumpster dive. Too good for the sushi they throw out at the end of the day? Well, excuse me, Prince of Persia. Get over it. Eat the garbage fish, eat the old fruit outside of grocery stores, steal what you can.

4. Love everyone...from a distance. Love them for leaving you alone, and then keep that love at bay so you don't grow too attached to the idea of them. There's nothing worse than growing attached to the idea of something. Uch.