Prime Your Spirit For The Planetary Exile ... Workshop

It's no secret that at some point in the near future the most evolved human beings on earth will ascend through the sky and leave this realm for more evolved realms.

This is a given. We all know this.

But not everyone is already at the spiritually evolved stage to be one of the chosen few who get to leave earth and become a spiritual consciousness healer in another plane of existence.


This workshop is designed to instill in you the following evolved traits:​

  • Raise your vibrational level to that of a spiritual realm intergalactic dweller

  • Give you the patience to stand directly behind someone in line

  • Merge with cars on the highway

  • Not eat chicken meals on public transportation

  • Wear headphones when playing music in public

  • Not touch someone's seat in front of you with your foot

  • Not use the phrase "Like I said before..."

And that's just the tip of the iceberg (that is melting away)!

If you haven't attained the level of spiritual evolution necessary to advance consciousness and spirituality throughout all planes of existence then you won't get to ascend this realm and heal other celestial beings. You'll be stuck here on earth eating garbage, frying up rats, and fucking your sister.

And you'll be doing it lifetime after lifetime. Because that's what you deserve...


Price: $1000! Prepare to leave earth on your terms, or terms set forth by celestial beings that know more than you. Duh.