Say Goodbye To Conflict (By Saying Goodbye To Everyone You Know) Workshop

If you've ever been in an argument or experienced conflict then this is the workshop for you.

Now you don't ever have to go through that again.

This workshop is designed to give you the one tool you need to resolve all conflicts in your life for the remainder of your life, and the best part is you won't have to argue with anyone about whether it's the right move for you or not because they won't be around to tell you anything.

You're going to say goodbye to everyone you know and you're going to say hello to a little peace and quiet.

Our instructors are experts and will show you how to say goodbye to everyone you know by learning to:

  • Accept that no one truly understands you

  • Accept that you were right and even if you were wrong you should have been given more credit or at least been left alone

  • Accept that the phrase "If you say so" IS a valid retort when someone has a problem with you

  • You don't need this

  • You don't need anyone​

You will work with your instructor to find a suitable place in the world to relocate, somewhere that best fits your temperament and lifestyle; somewhere where you won't have to deal with this ridiculous bullshit for once in your life.​

You will write one single letter that we will send to everyone you know. In this letter you will explain that though everyone else might love conflict, you don't, and you didn't see any other way but to leave your former self behind and begin anew. We recommend not telling anyone you're going on this workshop. It will just be one more decision they won't understand.

So grab a backpack and get ready to start a new life where nobody knows you. Eventually they will, but we'll help you write that second letter when the time comes.

Price: $350! Arguing with instructors is prohibited. They don't need to put up with "this" either.