The 'Learn To Say Things People Want To Hear' Workshop

Chances are you are not even reading this because you're too busy boring the hell out of someone with the details of your life that nobody wants to hear.

You are not recognizing the fact that their face is about to melt, that their eyes have rolled to the back of their head, while you skillfully segue into new topics that have nothing to do with the last thing you said.

But that's ok! Because The Learn to Say Things People Want to Hear Workshop is here to change all that for you. When you walk out of this workshop you will be armed with the following important life skills:

• Listening - This is a process where you give someone else a chance to say something. 

• Having a point - This is when what you are saying is relevant. 

• Getting To It - This is when you just get straight to the story. 

• Recognizing When You're Extinguishing Someone Else's Life Force - In this class students learn to spot the telltale signs of when someone is considering suicide to get out of the conversation.

Graduates of the workshop have gone on to have terrific conversations with people, where they not only say things, but also listen to someone else say things.

In some cases, the information they received from the other person was something the other person had been trying to tell them for years but had never found a chance while in conversation.

So don't wait! Find out who the people in your life really are and what they like to do!

Price: $50! Shaddap You Face - You're probably not interesting.