Dean of Polyamory Tech, Paul Poppel

"Once you see your lover with

someone else you will soar like an eagle."

What exactly is taught at Polyamory Tech?

We teach people to feel comfortable with their bodies and everyone else's body.

What's the "tech" part?

How to use your genitalia properly.

Does the school breed anti-monogamy?

No, but we do believe that humans are designed for polyamory.

How does one teach polyamory?

If you're out in the world and you just start a polyamorous lifestyle without a roadmap you can run into a lot of problems and ruin some good relationships. So at Polyamory Tech we ease you into the lifestyle. For instance, we have a mandatory class for all freshmen males where they have to hold another man's testicles in their hands for 30 minutes, purely for destigmatization. We find that females are not as stigmatized when it comes to touching each other but the men need some extra training.

What do the women need?

We encourage the women to forge a monogamous loving relationship their first year at PAT. Then in their second year we have them watch their boyfriends make love to different women, so they learn the true meaning of trust.


What is the true meaning of trust?

Hard to verbalize, but you feel it experientially when you are a woman with one man penetrating your anus while another penetrates your vagina.

And if you are a man?

It would be watching that same scene but the woman is your primary lover and she looks at you the whole time while being penetrated with eyes that say, "you are my primary lover and you allow me to explore my sexuality without fear."

Do you have a lot of dropouts?

We do.

Does this degree help with getting a job?

Many of our graduates go into community organization, some go on to teach their own specialized courses in tantra in Hawaii, and others become life-long sex addicts.