Inspirationalist Mike Bloom

He doesn't pee in shoes anymore.

What is inspiration to you?

It’s the wind chimes in your heart that ring in the morning, sending you vibrations of truth.

How do you inspire someone who is really, really tired?

I shadow them for one year and study their actions. We all reveal clues as to what we really want out of life. At the end of the year I sit down with my client and tell them their secret.

One client a year isn’t a lot - what do you charge?

A million bucks.

For one secret?

That’s all you need.

What are some past secrets you’ve given clients?

One client who was a high powered CEO needed to know she loved cats; she quit her job and became a breeder. She had never been happier, until she developed allergies to cats and couldn’t breed anymore so she moved in with her son which broke up his marriage. Now they live together in a one bedroom apartment and it smells terrible.

How do you know what it smells like?

I was there last week because a cat I bought from her is peeing in my shoes and I wanted to return it.

Did she take it back?

No, she said pets mirror their owner's behavior.

You pee in shoes?

Not anymore I don't.

Can you give us some other secrets you gave clients?

A man I worked with needed to know he loved to fly. So he became a pilot. I got postcards from him all over the world telling me how happy he was, until his plane disappeared somewhere in the Atlantic. I haven’t received a postcard from him since. No one has, it’s not just me.

It sounds like your inspiration leads to ruin down the line.

It does sound like that, but that’s just sound.

Anyone not end up in ruins after working with you?

Yes. I worked with a woman who needed to know she loved feet. So she became a podiatrist.


And that’s it. She became a podiatrist.

And she’s never been happier? She’s inspired?

She says she is.