Meditation With Michael

"I've been meditating since the day I was born"

Though he doesn't have a last name you will not find a better teacher than Michael.

Michael has been teaching meditation since the age of two, even before he was able to fully form words together.

Utilizing a Panasian-American blend of influences he settles you into your own being so you can finally come home.

The level of Michael's realization was discovered when his mother, a healer herself, left her own workshop one day to go to the bathroom and returned to find him leading the class in a Sanskrit chant.

"My mother had irritable bowel syndrome and was always running out of her own workshops to get to the bathroom. She took me to class one day and while she was in the bathroom I merged my mind with her students."

Whether you have been meditating for years or never before, Michael's methods organically cater to each student's mind.

He is at once gentle and firm. "I can feel a person's fear and I will never push anyone beyond their comfort level. At the same time, I want you to leave more open than when you came. For some, that will be in the heart & mind, for others in their root chakra [anus]."

Though not a fan of institutionalized spirituality he heeded the requests of his students to give them a meditation center and in 2003 he started his own school, Michael.

He is opening his class to the general public for this once in a lifetime teaching.

Unfortunately he will not let us post a link to the teaching, rather trusting that the universe will bring you to him if it is meant to be.

Price: $500.00! Students commit to 12 hr sitting with no breaks. Pee bottles & diapers provided.