Medium, Nora Naimin

Chengdi ordered Chu Yun executed.

How many dead people do you see a day?

Hundreds. Some of my best friends are dead people. I'm really good friends with this Chinese man, Liu Kang.

Don't know him.

He was the father of Han Yuandi.

Don't know him either.

Do you know Guo Shengtong?

No, should I?

She was the wife of Guang Wudi of the Eastern Han dynasty?

Not ringing any bells. You communicate with anyone not from the Han Dynasty?

What about Chu Yun?


He was a minor official who asked Han Chengdi to dismiss corrupt officials. Instead, Chengdi ordered Chu Yun executed. Chu Yun hung on to a balustrade and one of Chengdi's generals offered to be killed in Chu Yun's place. Chengdi spared Chu Yun's life.

Are you ok? Do you want me to call someone?

Shang Yang said you'd say that.

Shang Yang?

He was the chief minister of Qin Shihuangdi's grandfather.

Oh for crying out loud.