Menopausal Flea Market

Turquoise, scarves, pottery, hand blown glass with colorful swirls, wood sculptures, overly colorful art, craft jewelry, bells, odd metal pieces, handcrafted bags made of rope, and lots of paintings.

These are only some of the things you will walk away with when you visit the traveling Menopausal Flea Market.

The flea market was created by retirees, Wendy Jenkins and Flora Popper, who found their respective love of arts and crafts late in life.

"I love bright colors and swirls. My inspiration comes to me during my hot flashes. When I am flush with sweat I run to the canvas, whether it is a scarf, a silk screen, a piece of glass or a chunk of turquoise I want to manipulate and I just let the menopausal goddess energy flow through me," said Jenkins.

"I like wood sculptures," said Popper. "I typically start out making one thing only to discover I'm doing some variation on a vagina, which I love. Then I throw in some bright colors and bells, and voila, I've expressed myself because my childbearing days are behind me."

This is a great day trip for the family. Pregnant women should consult with their physician before attending as some of the jewelry and crafts have a peculiar post-uteral energy about them.

Price: FREE! Maybe you're looking for herbal tea twigs or thick socks.