Nutritionist, Kale Stevenson

"If you want a dessert, spread some almond

butter on lettuce and sprinkle a little cinnamon."

Is your real name 'Kale'?

'Kale' is the name my shaman gave me once I entered the 'feed your spirit, not your body' movement.

And what is the 'Feed your spirit, not your body' movement exactly?

It is the belief that the same hand that pulls the food from the ground should be the hand that hands it to you.

And what are the foods included & not included in the movement?

Vegetables & fruits mostly, but anything that comes in a package from a company is considered to have been put on earth by demons to thwart our evolution.

Can you recommend some quick & easy meals for people on the go?

When I'm in a hurry my go-to meal is cashews with brown rice wrapped in sea weed. If you want a dessert, spread some almond butter on lettuce and sprinkle a little cinnamon.

Who is your shaman, how did you find him/her, and is it necessary to have a shaman to follow the 'Feed your spirit..." movement?

My shaman, Nasaru, found me actually. I was on a flight to Dallas to give a seminar on how to ergonomically use office equipment when Nasaru switched seats with the woman who had the seat next to me. Nasaru calmly took the airplane meal on my food tray and gave it to the stewardess. Then Nasaru gave me one grape and I had never felt so satiated.

By just one grape?

Yes, it was incredible. Granted, this was a Nasaru-blessed grape, but it showed me that we eat more than we have to.

Is Nasaru a man or a woman?

Nasaru transcends gender. Born without genitals Nasaru does not defecate.

How do you recommend people integrate the "Feed your spirit..." movement into their lives?

I recommend throwing their entire refrigerator out, not just the food inside, but the actual refrigerator, and then eating one vegetable a day for one month. Then adding one fruit to the daily schedule.

You can find out more about the "Feed your spirit, not your body" movement

by chanting to Nasaru before you go to bed with this nightly, easy chant:

Nasaru, Nasaru

You who never has to pee

Who is sustained by a single raisin

I am but a seed

Show me to me