Organic Fruit For Beginners

It's a common mistake that many of us make. We read an article that says you must buy the organic versions of certain fruits, we rush out and buy said fruits only to get home and have no idea where to begin.

Are these apples the same as the apples I've always eaten? Do I peel this banana like I've peeled bananas all my life?

The good news is you're not alone, and that's why this course was developed, so that you may go at your own pace with organic fruit.

The instructors have been eating, buying, and researching organic fruit since the beginning of time. They are ageless souls who have made the commitment to return to the human realm until everyone is comfortable and familiar with organic fruit.

Plus, they are each specialized so you will be in the hands of someone who has spent centuries discovering every nook and cranny of their particular fruit.

Here is a list of some of the instructors & their courses.


Terry will show you how to handle an apple so you don't destroy your life due to your own ignorance.​


Students rave about the "Festival of Seeds" they put on at the end of the semester for their family and friends; it is nothing short of a breathless, musical fruit majesty.​


An excellent story teller, she will show you how berries can be used to call up the dead. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult for this course.

You don't have to fear organic fruit any longer! When you graduate from the course you will be laughing at other shoppers in Whole Foods as they paw the organic fruit like an ape thrust into the world before its time.

Sign up now and get a lifetime supply of pumpkin seeds!

Price: $2000! Every graduate goes home with 4 apples.