Professed Buddhist, Sociopath Gerard Michaelson

You hurt me just now and I'm feeling empty again.

What attracted you to Buddhism initially?

The notion that all things are empty and that forms arise from that emptiness. Essentially, the truth that emptiness is form and form is emptiness.

How did this teaching help you in your life?

I always heard people talking about this thing called 'empathy' and I didn't really get it, neither the definition or why it would exist. Then when I heard the 'form is emptiness / emptiness is form' teaching I realized I didn't need empathy anymore, since everything's empty. We don't exist so I can do whatever I want.

Though in Buddhism, they are also big on the law of karma, no?

I don't know and I don't care. The 'form / emptiness' teaching really spoke to me since I feel empty inside and have been told by many psychologists that I don't have a self. Imagine my glee when I found out neither do they.

So it's not so much compassion or enlightenment or meditation that grabbed you, but more that everything is empty?

That's right, but I would watch your words with me. They're starting to get a tad insulting.

Which part?

Where you said that I'm not compassionate.

But you said you don't relate to the notion of 'empathy'.

People don't like you. But I like you, I think you're a genius.

You do?

You hurt me just now and I'm feeling empty again.

When did I hurt you?

These questions hurt me and are arrogant of you to think that only you have questions. I have questions too, better ones actually.

Feel free to ask me one.

I always feel free. I'm the best at it. Here's a question for you: what do you want most out of life?

Probably to realize my potential.

You don't have any.

A second ago you told me I am a genius.

You misinterpreted what I was saying.