Tantric Dance Instructor, Todd Francois

I’ve been inside of you for a long time.

I see you’re moving fluidly as you sit for this interview.

I have no way of halting the flow of divine feminine power. The waves are endless.

So in essence you’re dancing tantrically as we speak.

Not just in essence. Abstractly too.

Where would that be happening?

Inside of you. Inside of me. Inside of everyone and everything.

You’re inside of me right now?

I’ve been inside of you for a long time.

Should I cancel my colonoscopy? Maybe it’s just been you that’s causing my GI problems.

I would still get checked.

Some peoples’ resistance to tantric dance is that it looks gross. Can you talk about that?

When the divine feminine power flows through you in a non-judgmental environment your body will move in new and unexpected ways.

That’s what people mean when they say it looks gross.

Who says it looks gross?

My friend, Darryl.

Well I’d urge him to try it and then tell me if it looks or feels gross.

He did try it. He said a sixty-five year old braless woman in need of hair conditioner tried to have sex with him in front of people.

Sounds like Deborah.