I Am But One Piece Of Universal Consciousness, But If That Guy Thinks He's Gonna Fuck Me Over...

I believe human beings are bubbles of consciousness that arise from the ultimate source from which we all arise. And I've had about enough of this guy's shit.

I had the realization recently that I am but one more sliver of consciousness, a form arisen from space, and as such I don't have any special significance over any other form. With that said, if this fucker thinks he's gonna railroad me he's got another thing coming.

I mean, look, we're all bubbles of consciousness, vessels of the ultimate source that is the fabric of the universe, but I've got a real douchebag on my hands here who thinks he's gonna treat me like a piece of shit and whether I'm a bubble of consciousness or not I'm about to bubble his asshole all over his face.

Who does this guy think he is? Me?!

I'm not one to make a big deal out of things. What's the point? This world is an illusion and it's all a dance, which is why if I am pushed around one more time by this fucker, I'm going to square dance on his dick, whether we're all one or not.

Karma is important to me and I'm all for not repeating negative patterns so I don't further sink myself into the endless cycle of samara, but what the fuck is wrong with this asshole?!