Japanese Scientist Changes Molecules Of Baby's Face To Prove Molecules Are Affected By Emotions

Osaka, Japan - Dr. Takahashi Suzuki led a groundbreaking research study recently where he proved molecules are affected by the emotional state of their environment.

In the past this experiment had been done with water molecules by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Water that was exposed to anger and/or negativity created intense ugly clusters of crystalline structures whereas water that was exposed to positivity created beautiful and pleasing crystalline structures on the molecular level.

Dr. Suzuki decided to take the test a step further with babies' faces without telling the parents of the babies involved.

"I thought Dr. Suzuki was a pediatrician, it says 'pediatrician' on the door. I didn't know he was going to change the molecular structure of my baby's face," said Akifumi Tanaka. "Now my baby has a twisted contorted face because he made it listen to heavy metal. Who would do this?" Mr. Tanaka is awaiting a second appointment with Dr. Suzuki to get his baby's face back to its original state.

Dr. Suzuki said Baby Tanaka wasn't that great to begin with. But even those whose baby's face was exposed to positivity aren't pleased either. "My baby isn't supposed to look eternally happy every second of the day. It's very disarming to hear your baby crying from its throat when its face is smiling from ear to ear," said Masako Watanabe.

For now, Dr. Suzuki has stopped his experiments. Why he chose babies as his canvas no one's quite sure except that he might be a sorcerer who forged his medical degree.