Shaman Brings Wrong Spirit Into Healing Session, Wife Says "He Always Does This"

Sedona, AZ - Shaman Nasaru is fantastic at communicating with spirits in other realms, but unfortunately has a tendency to call up the wrong ones for his paying customers. Last week, Jim Firestone was disappointed to learn that everything he was being told by the spirit in the room via Shaman Nasaru actually had nothing to do with his life.

"The spirit was telling me to follow my artistic pursuits, which I found truly inspiring," said Firestone. "I said 'Wow, this is exactly what I needed to hear.' Then the Shaman's wife butted in and said 'Don't listen to a word of this, this is the wrong spirit, he always does this.'"

Nasaru's Shaman wife, Carol, then told Firestone to hold on a minute, went into a trance herself and called up a spirit who told Firestone - via Carol - to "keep doing what you are doing. Same ol same ol." Firestone, a mattress salesman, was dismayed to hear that he should keep selling mattresses.

"He's unbelievable," Carol told Egobaby. "I keep telling him, 'You're doing it wrong! You always do this!' But he just shushes me away, doesn't want to listen, thinks he's number one. Some people just don't wanna change."

Carol and Nasaru's couples therapist has tried to urge Carol not to use words like "always" and "never" as they are relationship destroyers. "Believe me, I would love to stop using 'always'," said Carol, "but he does always do this!"

Nasaru simply told Egobaby, "No I don't!"