Woman Feels Superior After Swimming With Dolphins, Despite Their Message That She Is Dying

Palatine, IL - While on vacation in Florida, Jocelyn McKinney and her family swam with dolphins and it was a delight for all.

No one, however, was more thrilled than Jocelyn, who was circled by the dolphins and nudged in her chest. While the dolphin trainer was dismayed, knowing this wasn't good news, McKinney couldn't have been happier to hear they were telling her she is gravely ill, taking it as a sign she is spiritually advanced enough to communicate with dolphins.

"I had an amazing experience with the dolphins and, yes, they totally told me I had cancer, but it was a very high spiritual teaching," Jocelyn told Egobaby. "When you communicate with dolphins the way I did you kind of realize you're a special being who is one with nature, albeit one with six months to live."

The spiritual experience of the dolphins seems to be outweighing the reality of her impending death for McKinney. "I wouldn't have traded it for the world, though I guess I am doing that."