How To Work For Someone You Don't Believe Exists

You've just been hired by your dream company for the dream position you've always dreamed about. Your dreams are coming true.

Only one problem: you're not sure your boss is real.

You can hear a voice, you feel a presence, you receive emails from this person but there's never a name in his/her/they's email, their office door is always closed and when it's open it's like no one has ever worked in it; their voice on the phone is neither masculine or feminine - while it speaks English and is probably human, it could also be other-worldly.

You don't want to rock the boat because you're doing some of your best work and getting recognized for it but if your boss isn't real then you can't help wonder if anything is.

Relax! Here's how to stay grounded when you may be working for someone that doesn't exist:

1. Focus on your work (not on your boss' ultimate reality) - Remember: you were hired to do a job and that's what's most important. If you are still receiving assignments and feedback from whatever it is that's your boss then keep your head in the game and keep putting out good work. Let the universe decide what this thing is.

2. Recognize that you don't exist either - In the ultimate sense, all form is emptiness. Your mind is empty and your body is matter and matter is made up of atoms and atoms are made up of space. So you're not so different than your boss after all.

3. Acknowledge their success - This entity got to the top somehow so they clearly did something right. Someone thinks they have leadership potential, so before you go dismissing a "thing" because you're not sure it's a thing at all recognize that you might be able to learn a thing or two from it/them/he/she/whatever.

4. See if you can straddle another reality yourself - Clearly this is an organization that rewards inter-dimensional states of being. This is an opportunity to flex your own astral plane travel - or what's known in the leadership world as resilience.