Oldish Woman Who Teaches Tantric Sex Workshop In Need of Conditioner

Taos, NM – Sixty-three year old Leslie Jones teaches singles and couples to let their inhibitions go and let the body move as it wants to, much like a leaf blowing in the wind. Those who have taken her course say she is a skilled teacher; the only drawback is that her hair is in desperate need of some conditioner.

“Her hair looks like a steel brush they might use at a radiation plant to clean an infected human body,” said student Ralph Taylor.

The tantric dance Jones teaches creates an openness of the heart, and "of the veins apparently," says student, Natalie Garrett. “She was nice to dance with me and show me how my body moved," said Garrett, "but the ends of her hair were so sharp they cut my skin and left it raw and bloody. A little Pantene wouldn’t hurt.”

Jones claims she showers every day with a homemade avocado-banana-tea-tree blend that nourishes the follicles. “My hair is nice and full, what can I say,” Jones told Egobaby, shaking her hair as she spoke with us, a motion we couldn’t help notice made a metallic scraping sound, like two metal sponges scraping together.