Scorpio Woman Ends Relationship With Aquarius Therapist, Says They “Can’t Understand”

San Luis Obispo, CA - Alicia Trotter found out the hard way that no one truly understands a scorpio.

After seeing a therapist for a little over a year, Trotter has decided to end the relationship.

“I don’t want to be zodiacist but how could an aquarius listen enough to really understand how complex I am?” explained Trotter, “It’s like she wasn’t even hearing how angry I am when I come in here week after week, talk and talk, and get absolutely no feedback.”

When EgoBaby reached out to Trotter’s therapist for comment, we learned that Janice Martin is not a licensed clinical therapist.

Martin was surprised to learn that her relationship with Trotter was perceived as professional services.

She thought Trotter’s presence was part of a program that pairs deaf individuals with rapid, nonsensical talkers to improve lip reading skills.

“She would show up. She would rapid talk for an hour. I’d give her a stone from the driveway because they seemed to make her happy. She’d give me twenty dollars. I thought it was a tip.”

When Trotter was informed that the stones given to her by her “therapist” had no actual power, she was transported into her 5th element house located at San Luis Obispo County Prison Psych Ward, where she's begrudgingly sharing a cell with "Ugh, a Leo!" Trotter told Egobaby over the phone, "one of the least compatible signs with a Scorpio!"

Written by Alli Coleman.