3 Ways To Tell If Your Child Is A Reincarnation Of A High Being Or Just A Demanding Little Shit

If you've watched the movie, Little Buddha, starring Chris Isaak and you have Buddhist leanings you might start to wonder if your own child is the reincarnation of a high being.

Every parent thinks their child is special, but maybe yours actually is. On the other hand, maybe he/she is just a demanding little shit and isn't special at all.

How does one differentiate a child with a commanding prowess similar to that of a high being reincarnated lifetime after lifetime to benefit all beings from a little piece of shit who never listens and makes everyone's life difficult?

It's a tough situation. One you may not want to solve.

But...if you do want to solve it, before you go inviting Tibetan lamas to your home to give your child tests, here are some initial home tests you can do to figure it out for yourself:

1. Have them sit with a disease-ridden dog covered in maggots.

In the life story of Asanga, it is told that Asanga's teacher, Maitreya, came to Asanga in the form of a maggot-ridden dog. Asanga's compassion was so great that he picked each maggot off the dog with his tongue and then Maitreya revealed he was the dog after all! So, try that with your child too. See if he picks the maggots off. If he/she doesn't, sorry but you got a little shit on your hands.

2. Cry hysterically to see if they soothe you.

If your child is really the incarnation of a high being his/her compassion would be so great that they would do everything they could to alleviate your suffering. If they let you cry uncontrollably, they are not a high being, they are a sociopathic little shit who probably came straight from the animal realm.

3. Bring them to a crowded park and leave them there.

High beings will attract others to them with their magnanimous spirit and overflow of spiritual blessings. When people are in the presence of a high being they will be drawn to them, even if they are unaware as to why. If you leave your child alone in a crowded park and everyone doesn't flock to the child as if he/she is the second coming, you've got a little piece of shit on your hands.

Those are three ironclad ways to know if your child is special or a parasite.