4 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself By Doing Things For People They Don't Want And Didn't Ask For

One of the most difficult aspects of life is when people don't know how spiritual you are. Here you are, a blessed individual walking the earth, with a true spiritual heart but no one to share it with.

It's in these times you might ask the universe, "What does one have to do to let the world know how much spiritual love I have in my heart???"

It's in these same times when you should hear the universe answer, "By doing acts of service."

Easier said than done.

You may not get any acts of service requests from anyone for weeks or even months. Some lucky people never get asked to help anyone out their entire lives!

This is when you take matters into your own hands and help people, whether they want, need, or ask for it.

Here are some suggestions on how your can begin your journey...

1. Take your lover's phone and process all of the pending updates.

Take your lover's phone, process all system updates for them without backing it up. Though they may never show it, they'll be happier with all that nasty porn and those useless recipes off of their phone. The prophet Mohammad said, "Cleanliness is half of faith" so how else would you find out if they're cheating? Then give the phone back to your partner. You have cleansed their data chakra. Did you lose the file folder of baby gorilla pictures? Yes. But did you also, like go out of your way to help them? Um...yes, big time.

2. Insist on taking your co-worker out to dinner.

Why? To establish an allegiance. You can't take down Toni in A/P alone. No better way to serve yourselves and others than by having an actual service industry do it for you. Take this person out to dinner at a locally sourced farm-to-table restaurant that fits your dietary restrictions! Your coworker has a peanut allergy and risks turning your Pad Thai into Pad Die? Don't let that negativity ruin your meal! Remember to keep the conversation light by focusing on your interests: the removal of Toni from A/P ... and wellness. Drop subtle tidbits on your journey through hatred and love. This keeps the conversation focused on you and how you're serving.

3. Sign them up for spiritual magazine subscriptions so they can become better people like you.

The easiest way to teach ourselves is by teaching others. But that leaves little time to self serve through servicing others. To entrap your friends in enlightenment, subscribe them to a wellness magazine like Tricycle. But don't stop there! What good is one source when you could give them several? Subscribe them to Lion's Roar AND Mountain Record. Now your friend has three monthly subscriptions coming directly through their mail root chakra! They'll be able to give you an APA style low down on the current trends on your personal interest.

4. Show them how to grow by gifting them high maintenance plants.

We are all green-thumbed by the blessings of mother earth. Yet we forget how to use the soil to nurture our souls. The best way to nurture friendships, based on the grounding of wellness, is to gift them plants. Skip the cactus. Skip the succulent. You're not in the desert of friendship. You're in the lush garden of abundance. Show them how spiritual you are by gifting them a prayer plant. Is this a plant for beginners? Absolutely not. The dedication shown in plant tendering is an active dedication to the friendship. If the plant dies, so will your friendship.

There are so many ways to let people know how spiritual you are. It's up to you to let your spirit soar as high as the twin towers.

Written by Alli Coleman.