8 Hashtags To Let People Know You’re Enlightened

We’ve all been there, catching the new wave of spiritualism and attempting to find ourselves, but no way to really show it on your social media accounts.

What will your spiritual friends think of you if you don’t show how enlightened you are? Well, today, the planets are aligned, because we have the 8 perfect hashtags for you to let the world know you are in fact enlightened.

1. #SpiritualJourney - Send those affirmations into the universe and let it be known that you’re searching for your true self in front of everyone. And hey, who knows, maybe you’ll eventually find it after you lose that ego.

2. #Awakening - This hashtag is very versatile. Just found out from a YouTube video that the earth is flat? Have a vague quote attributed to Buddha or some philosopher you heard of in college? Just woke up? This hashtag is sure to get people noticing that you’re thinking on a higher plain, and that your eyes are fully open.

3. #WokeAF - This will let people know you’re enlightened on a social level. You support your fellow man and woman in the struggle, but without actually doing anything. It’s perfect to have on your Instagram when you post a picture with your only black friend.

4. #ThirdEye - Whether you’re a Tool fan or just found out about Confucius quotes, this hashtag is for you, because you’re prying open your third eye. Put some words that Yoda would say on a trippy picture, and watch the likes roll in.

5. #HigherSelf - Let your inner egomaniac out with this one, because now you’re the prophet with the cool quote. You need to show people that you can think through difficult concepts most 3rd graders understand about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

6. #OldSoul - The concept of reincarnation speaks deeply to you and what better way to show it off than with this hashtag. You consider yourself the wise one in your pack of friends, as they all look at you and groan when you quote a Beatles song and tell them you’re “just an old soul” and that “you must have been someone very wise in a past life."

7. #Yogi - The great thing about social media is that you can constantly lie and no one will call you out on it because that would be bad karma. Take a picture in a Vriksasana pose and throw this hashtag up there with a deep quote. Don’t know what that pose is? No problem! You don’t need to know anything about yoga.

8. #CosmicConsciousness - Trust me, when you use this hashtag, people won’t even get how deep it is or even what it means! Throw it on any picture you have. A selfie, a quote, whatever. Hell, take a picture of a tree and put it on that. People will think you’re as deep as the shallow end of a pool, and that’s deep for children.

Written by Ryan Curtiss.