"Adopt A Meal:" Plant-Based Meal Sponsor Program Changing The World

Confused about what to get your relatives this holiday season? Want to give back to the world but have no idea how?

Do you want to help plants but have never had the guts to do so?

This is your chance to solve all of the above!

"Adopt A Meal" is giving people the chance to sponsor an organic plant-based meal. You will receive pictures of the seeds going into the ground that will create the plants from which the meal will be made.

You will receive monthly update pictures from the farmers showing you how your plant is doing. You will be able to name each plant fun things like "Robert the Corn Patch" or "Rachel the Broccoli Plant."

You will fall in love with your meal and probably cry because it's such an emotional experience.

Then you will see it become a meal and you'll meet the person or people who will eat the meal. You'll watch them eat the meal you've sponsored and take part in the joy it is giving them.

These meal eaters will then record themselves sitting on the toilet and defecating out your meal. You will receive high resolution photographs of their feces, which is simply your meal in another form.

Be prepared for your heart to open up wider than it ever has before. After all, this is your baby in that mound of feces sitting high above the toilet water level.

The feces will then be gathered up in a sandwich baggy and mailed to a fertilizer company who will use it to fertilize the land on a cattle farm. You will be sent videos of the cows eating the grass that grew from the fertilizer that was your meal.

And the best part is you will be able to watch via live stream the very cows that are now symbiotically fused with your meal gutted and left to hang open so their carcass can be cleaned.

This is an experience like no other. The Adopt A Meal Program is changing lives every day, particularly for children and adults with diseases; those who have been left behind by society.

Sponsor a meal today and be prepared to fall in love with a mound of feces like you never have before!

$.25/day for 365 days = $91.25!!! I'm ready to watch people defecate and cows get slaughtered in the name of health!