How To Send Positive Vibes To Mothers While You Watch Them Breastfeed

Breasts, the source of life.

The beauty of breastfeeding is a sight to behold and should be cherished at every opportunity. Of course, not every breastfeeding mother welcomes public cherishing. So many perverts have polluted the natural beauty of watching a mother feed her baby.

Like most things in life, a few naughty men have to go and ruin it for everyone.

Women need to know that you’re sending them, their breasts, and their offspring positive, spiritual vibes. But how?!

Thus, the age-old question remains:

How do you support her with a

compassionate, steady gaze without making it weird?

Here, finally, is a guide on how to watch women breastfeed while keeping your spiritual intentions karmically clear.

1. Make sure your eyes are super big.

Women get perved on all the time. Their breasts are seen as sexual objects for most people. (Gross) Most gross people subtly look at women through the corner of their eyes. If you stare directly at a woman while she is breastfeeding, she knows that you're not a sex pervert and are simply enjoying the beauty of life. Tell her it’s not weird with your eyes by making them look like a Tim Burton character. We all know vibes are sent through your pupils, so make them as big as possible.

2. Zero eye contact.

Eyes on the prize. You’re here to look at life flourish, not talk to some lady. If you’re doing it right she’ll feel the positive vibes in her areolas. So focus your energy there. Don’t look in her eyes, especially if she’s trying to make eye contact with you.

3. If you have to talk, yell.

Since there are so many goddamn pervs out there ruining breastfeeding appreciation, some women will confront you about your work. Communicating your intentions properly is key. If your eyes aren’t getting the message across, yell at her really loudly. This ensures that she - and the cop she’s talking to - are aware of what you’re doing. Keep your distance and channel that energy. Make your intentions clear. Shout things like, “I love what you're doing!” and “I’m just here for the child!” If you want to be supportive, something like, “They’re doing a great job honey!” is always good.

Good luck, and positive vibes only.

Written by Nate Jones.