I'm Buggin.

Dear Cosmic Celeste,

Lately I’ve been really into bugging and skellies (bug and insect play). I’m the type of gal that really likes to get down and dirty, so I go all-out in my bug-personas; if this includes pouring honey and pollen on my partner for some bee play or dressing him up as a leaf while I nibble on him as a ladybug, then so be it.

I’ve wanted to take it to the next level and go hard-core buggy, but my partner is hesitant. He told me he’s nervous I’ll take my bug-personas too seriously, and hurt him. What do I do, Celeste? Should I take it down a notch so he feels safer? If not, do you have any bug play suggestions?


Bed Bug

Shalom, Bed Bug!

Ahhhh, yiffing. Those were the days. I have a special place in my heart for the craft. I spent my early twenties playing in a barnyard with furry-orgy members and met the love of my life: a jubilant, dark brown Clydesdale named Sheldon. And boy, was he massive in all the right ways.

Anywho, it’s totally normal that you’re feeling a little buggy lately. I have a lot of friends and lovers that have dabbled into insect play and they never looked back. Some have even gone on to pursue it professionally. I love happy endings.

One of my favorite buggy play scenarios is The Spider and The Fly. You only need a few things to get down and dirty with this scene: You, your partner, some rope, and venom.

Here’s the secret: Go to your local sex store and ask to go to the secret dungeon. If they play dumb, say "collywobbles" and they'll show you the way.

When you enter the secret dungeon, there will be a plethora of venoms for you to choose from. I personally suggest the rattlesnake venom because it causes blood to clot. You can inject it in your man’s peen and he’ll get crazy hard for a really long time. (I don’t remember how long but it’s, like, trial and error.)

When you get home, tie him up in your “web.” Go full on shibari. When he’s at his most vulnerable state, inject the venom, and drain him out for a few days. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.

My absolute favorite scene is The Praying Mantis. All you have to do is have normal sex and after he cums, when he’s least expecting it, cut off his head and devour him. I know, I know. You might be thinking, “Celeste, really? Won’t that hurt him?” Maybe. But this is a judgement free-zone and every sex partner is different.

Some women just slide the bonesaw across his neck a bit and wait for him to scream the safe word, while others go all the way. It’s up to you!

However, I will say, one is more satisfying than the other. Winky face. And in general, just talk it out with your partner. If he’s feeling a little reserved about buggy play, show him the samurai sword you’d use for the decapitation and see what he thinks. If he says no, then sister, there are plenty of men out there who are willing to get decapitated.

I hope this helped! I’m always here if you need more advice, Bed Bug.

Stay buggy,

Cosmic Celeste